St. Mary’s Hall Archives

St. Mary`s Hall offered a world class education to many pupils during its time of operation. Many of these pupils documented their time at the school through letters or correspondence with family members. For example, Sarah Jane Isabella Wolf Alexander attended St. Mary`s Hall along with her sister. Sarah was born in 1827 and was enrolled in the school in the late 1830`s. Sarah`s father was the first Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem. She wrote a letter to her parents from the school in 1838 pertaining to her time at the school as well as her family and life. She died shortly after writing the letter, and the original letter can be still found today. Many archives similar to this still exist and help historians and friends of SMH continuously uncover more information about the school, its pupils and its story.1028890_a31305d3

Douglas D’Enno was the direct descendent of a pupil of St. Mary`s and he published several books, including East Brighton and Ovingdean Through Time. This book helps outline the diverse and interesting history of Brighton. Douglas explores many of Brighton`s landmarks, estates, coastal views, landscapes, marinas and monuments. This includes St. Mary`s Hall, a place near and dear to Douglas` heart. The novel does a good job of illustrating the `then and now` of Brighton and all of its historical gems. The photos of St. Mary`s Hall that are featured in the book are a complement to the historical image of the school when it was in use and in its prime. Douglas spent a summer at the school capturing these photos and doing his best to fully capture and understand the school and all of its stories, accomplishments and challenges.

Many other letters and photos and archived documents exist and can be accessed by SMHA members and friends of SMHA.