Prominent Union Members and Their Legacies

23wisconsin1-master1050-v2Charlotte Elliot and his brother are the strongest legacy of the parish society. Her work mainly started at the age of 33, after she became ill, and she could only participate in the editorials of the magazine Religious Remembrance.

Her brother founded the currently famous school for girls and ladies of the Parish. The school has existed for twelve years now, and it is continuously expanding and gaining the trust of the public. Her desire, despite her physical inability to help with the school, translated only into a hymn, which today brings joy, happiness and power to many faithful people around the world. Her hymn states her willingness to give herself into the hands of God, as to follow the great example of Christ, who had given himself to the world. These powerful words are a source of inspiration on their death beds.

The hymn was published and sold in great numbers. All the funds were donated to the Saint Mary Hall. Despite her illness, Charlotte’s spirit kept her body alive up to the age of 82. She influenced positively and continues to do so to the hearts and lives of many people.

Reverend Carus Wilson, the founder of this institution, wanted to establish a good school in the Brighton area, populated with numerous wealthy families. The school functions today in a building donated by Marquis of Bristol. His noble gesture made it possible for the school to exist. The architect George Basevi contributed with his talents to the structure of this beautiful building which exists today. All this could not have been possible without the mercy of Queen Adelaide, who held numerous fund gathering events in her circle of influential supporters.

Saint Mary’s Hall couldn’t exist today without the numerous personalities that have supported it. The legacy is strong, but so are the young students who listen to the wise voices of the past.