Great Doctors – What the Medicine field really needs

Medicine is still one of the most well regarded professions there is. The calling usually arrives early, and every aspiring medicine students spend most of their teenage years working towards that dream. People say that to be a great doctor you must attend the best school, get straight A’s, and be willing to put your personal life aside. That you must be willing to compete fiercely with your classmates and learn to be emotionally detached. But if we scratch the surface, if we go little deeper, who would YOU prefer as a Doctor? This robot-like individual we just talked about, or a fellow human?

The choice is ultimately yours, but if you’re thinking about applying for a Bachelor of Medicine, spend some time also cultivating these traits. Curiosity, not only about diseases, the latest techniques and procedures, and new research, but about the person you are treating, every little detail matters when you want to diagnose a patient. Empathy, making your patients feel cared for and know you understand them. Empathy will teach you to give the patient what they really need. Finally, let’s not forget about passion. Passion for the craft, for the wellbeing of your patients, and passion for life itself.

Good doctors might be in it for the money and the prestige. Great doctors are in it for their love of humanity, and in a crusade to protect it.