East Brighton Bygones Local History Society

The East Brighton Bygones Local History Society was established to help bring together those with a shared interest in local history. The organization is well established and known in the community for their passion for history and historical insights. Meetings are held regularly whereby the members discuss parts and subjects related to local history that are of interest to the organization and to the city as a whole. The meetings are often held at the Valley Social Centre twice a month and the Society welcomes new members continuously.The_Bear_Hotel_in_Wantage_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1395707

With roots in East Brighton, the activities are often are centered on subjects like Whitehawk and Manor Farm, Moulsecoomb, and Saunders Park Estates. Brighton has no shortage of interesting historical sites and events, and the Bygones recognize this. The Society has access to and provides the community with photos, letters, archives and documents of extremely interesting historical significance and context.

Another are the Society focused on was the St. Mary’s Hall. This site is an important part of Brighton’s past and present, and ever since The Bygone’s became interested in the Church and the school’s story. The Bygones were pleased to partner with the SMHA to uncover information about the Elliot family, the on-goings at the school and the timeline of the site. The Bygones were fortunate enough to uncover a significant amount of historical images of St. Mary’s Hall. The images featured pictures of bedrooms and student quarters as well as images of the architecture, the students and faculty and the landscape.

The Bygones continue to uncover information and images and are constantly updating their resources, albums and archives. The Bygones aim to provide accurate information to inform and educate the community about the city’s rich and interesting history. The Bygones’ support and donation images and information is greatly appreciated and welcomed by SMHA and all of its members.