Contact St. Mary’s Hall Association

The St. Mary’ Hall Association (SMHA) hosts annual General Meetings for its members. These meetings discuss the events of the association and school including reunions and religion. The meetings are often followed by afternoon Choir rehearsals and performances in case of special events.

In 2013, the General Meeting was conducted at the time of Blue Plaque, an ode to Charlotte Elliot, was unveiled. The meeting hosted members of the SHMA and community at large. There was a lunch, a picnic and social gathering and an download (10)afternoon performance by the choir. The meeting and unveiling took place at St. Mary’s Church.

For those who want to attend the meetings or looking to access St. Mary’s, the area is reachable by both bus and taxi. From central Brighton, you can access the school by the following bus lines: 1, 1a, 7, 14c, 25a, 25c, 37, 47 and 52. If you prefer to arrive by taxi, there is an accessible taxi stand located within Paston Place which is directly across the church, and very close to the school.

Parking is available on a pay and display basis for 2 and 4 hour periods, or all day if drivers plan to stay for long periods of time. There is a handicap and more accessible parking for those visitors with limited mobility or special needs.

With questions, inquiries or comments, the school and the parish can be reached by email, phone or in person. The secretary is the main point of contact for most questions and comments. Members can reach other members as well as the administration team by logging on to the website or by accessing the SMHA social media outlets. Nonmembers can contact the secretary or reach SMHA by phone during regular business hours. SMHA is happy to answer any questions, and accepts donations, information and archives on an ongoing basis.