Bachelor of Fine Arts

Did you know that graduates of a fine arts program go on to pursue careers as artists, photographers, film-makers and designers? Many have also pursued careers in art galleries, museums, cultural organizations, teaching and arts administration.

A degree in fine arts is rooted in design-based work, such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, and film. International students who pursue fine arts programs abroad have access to purpose-built studio spaces where they have the opportunity to express themselves, enhance their knowledge, and develop their skills in an experimental and diverse study environment.

So why choose to pursue a bachelor of fine arts? It’s simple really. The purpose of obtaining a bachelor of fine arts is:

1. To develop your theoretical, conceptual and contextual understanding of the subject.

2. To have access to intellectually stimulating courses that are delivered by experienced artists.

3. To learn traditional fine art techniques and processes as well as explore contemporary approaches in fine art practice.

4. To develop your ability to apply your creative skills, knowledge, and understanding creatively within a range of contexts.

5. To develop your critical understanding of Fine Arts and the social, historical and cultural context in which it is practiced.

6. And above all, to grow as an individual and professional in the field of your choice.