Association:SMHA’s Charitable Role in Society and the Union’s Benevolent Contributions

charity__-1024x683One of the great privileges of being part of a religion based association is being able to generously contribute to the community and society at large. Every day members of the society appreciate the helping hand they received, be it to complete their education or attend to a personal matter. The kindness and generosity with which they received help from the association also creates something in them to want to give back by helping another person in need by taking part in the association’s benevolent contribution.

Additionally, these charitable contributions help fund certain projects that help the community as a whole. With so many charitable organizations sprouting, it can become slightly difficult to know which charity to support, but affiliating oneself to a religion-based organization is always a better option because more often than not, they are driven by selfless motives.

Benevolent contributions have brought so many amenities such as hospitals and schools to life, therein helping the community and also creating job opportunities. ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, and teach a man to fish and he will fish for life’ is a famous saying that provides guidance to how contributions should be done.

It is not simply a matter of giving a needy person some money, rather, helping this person learn a new skill that will help him or her fend for themselves for many years to come. In the same light, building a hospital for a community is better than taking an individual to a hospital in a different locale to get treated for a particular disease.

This is the main aim of the benevolent contributions of SMHA, they are made with the aim of helping many generations to come. Giving back is something all should all do for the favors they have received in life.