Another Impressive Elliott

The Elliott family was rich in talent and accomplishments. Emily Elizabeth Steele Elliott was born in Brighton in 1836 and was the niece of Charlotte and Henry Elliott. Emily inherited the poetic gene and has several notable published pieces.

Chimes of Consecration was published in 1873 and includes 70 original hymns. Chimes for Daily Service include another series of original hymns and was published in two parts in 1880. The second part was printed separately specifically intended for the hospitals. She wrote many of her hymns for her father`s parish at St. Mark`s ChurchSt_Mark's_Church,_Bredbury. Emily also did a translation of “Stilly Night, Holy Night” for her father`s church. This translation was done in 1858 and was done privately and solely for her father`s church. The first publication of the translation was found in the magazine in which she was the editor.

Apart from writing hymns, Emily was heavily involved and passionate about working with the church and rescue missions, and assisting and teaching children in Sunday Schools. She also participated in the act of sharing her faith through print as she was the editor of the Church Missionary Juvenile Instructor, a magazine intended for those who were leaders in the parish. She did this for six years. Emily`s faith was with the Anglican Church with the Evangelical Party, otherwise known as the Low Church Party.

Emily maintained a strong faith for most of her life. Her work within the church was nothing short of impressive and her legacy will be forever remembered. The Elliott family maintains a strong faith and a passion for people and for fulfilling God`s word. Emily was no exception to this, and although she has no direct ties with the SMHA, she is recognized as a leader in faith and as a role model to many. Emily died in London in August of 1897.