St. Mary’s Hall (SMH) was established in the year 1836 by Reverend Henry Venn Elliot, and hence it is one of the oldest and most well-known of all girls’ schools. The Reverend founded the school for the “daughters of poor clergymen with the aim of educating middle and low income female members of the congregation. The school tried to help empower women who were otherwise cast away or undervalued by their peers and society at (9)

St. Mary’s Hall operated independently until 2009 after which they joined forces with Roedean, all girls’ boarding school located in Roedean village. At this time, the senior school had closed operations and many students finished their education at Roedean. The senior school buildings, located around the Royal Sussex County Hospital were transformed and remained the preferred location for the administration offices.

The Junior School transformed and merged with Roedean’s Junior School from 2009 until the summer of 2011 at which point the school was purchased by Brighton College. The school remained a school for junior students but became the Brighton College Pre-Preparatory Dept later on.

The sale of the junior school and the transformation of the senior school resulted in a lack of physical presence under the St. Mary’s Hall name and reputation. This lead to the creation and strengthening of the St. Mary’s Hall Association, and the creation of an exclusive, member only website.

Members have full access to the website including contact information of peers, friends and colleagues. The site also allows you access to newsletters, latest updates and news, photos, archived documents and information, exclusive events and reunions and access to the school’s resources and network. Non-members can contact the Association or the Association Secretary in order to become a member and gain access to the site resources.